Your Intuition Was Right After All
Exciting Australian Obesity Research Turns Years Of Weight Loss Dogma Upside Down Confirming What You Knew All Along And Proving The ‘Experts’ WRONG…
A couple of years ago I noticed something “funny” about my weight that maybe you’ve noticed too about yours -

Sometimes, when you increase your activity, you either -

(a) Don’t lose any weight or
(b) Gain MORE weight

Has that ever happened to you?

Well, I started experimenting with some things and I stumbled upon a new way to not only burn off excess stomach, hip, butt, and chest fat, it also...
  •  Speeds up your metabolism
  •  Keeps your metabolism from crashing
  •  Helps you stop obsessing about eating and dieting (I hate doing this!)
  •  And some other cool things that most people tend to struggle with when it comes to losing weight
Here’s the deal:

You intuitively know that you want to lose weight faster, rather than slower, right?

Of course you do - that’s why “rapid” fat loss programs, “challenges”, and “detoxes” are so popular. (The problem of course is most of them don’t work in the LONG run - something I’ve figured out with this new method.)

And of course, the “experts” warn you against this - you should only lose weight slowly - 1 to 2 pounds a week, right?

Well what if they’re wrong?
Look At This:
At the 11th International Congress of Obesity[1], Katrina Purcell, led a research team from the University of Melbourne (Australia) and compared two diets - a “rapid” one and a “traditional” one. 

The rapid diet participants lost on average 3 pounds a week for 12 weeks (36 pounds) vs. the traditional group, who lost 1 pound a week for 12 weeks (12 pounds).

The results?

(1) 78% of those on the rapid fat loss plan achieved their goal of losing 15% of their bodyweight. Less than half of those (only 48%) on the traditional plan achieved their goal.

(2) Researchers also found that losing weight quickly improves motivation - and helps you stick to your diet and therefore reach your goals (Shocking, I know!)

But it gets better!

In another rapid weight loss study from the University of Melbourne [2] -  

81% of those on the rapid fat loss plan lost 12.5% or more of of their bodyweight, compared to only 50% on the gradual diet!

In other words, the overwhelming majority of those on the Rapid plan not only lost the weight - they lost a lot of weight - 12.5% of their bodyweight or more!

Imagine that for a minute… If you were 200 pounds, that means you could lose 25 pounds or more on the right rapid fat loss plan… 

AND - 

You’d have an 80% or better chance of actually achieving those results!

And if that’s not good enough, the research team that concluded that rapid diets -
  •  Produces faster results
  •  Easier to stick to, which... (back to that "motivation" thing)
  •  Encouraged them to exercise more
  •  Hormone changes made them feel less hungry than the people on the gradual diet
  •  Probably cheaper
Katrina Purcell, lead author on the study, went on to say - 
"Across the world, guidelines recommend gradual weight loss for the treatment of obesity, reflecting the widely held belief that fast weight loss is more quickly regained. However, our results show that achieving a weight loss target of 12.5% is more likely, and drop-out is lower, if losing weight is done quickly.”[Emphasis Mine]
Furthermore, from [3] - 
“Writing in a linked Comment, Dr Corby Martin and Professor Kishore Gadde from Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, USA say, "The study... indicates that for weight loss, a slow and steady approach does not win the race, and the myth that rapid weight loss is associated with rapid weight regain is no more true than Aesop's fable. Clinicians should bear in mind that different weight loss approaches might be suitable for different patients in the management of clinical obesity, and that efforts to curb the speed of initial weight loss might hinder their ultimate weight loss success. [Emphasis Mine]


The traditional “experts” are WRONG!
So What's the 
Take-Away Here?
How Does This Affect You Today - Right Now?

Here's what you may need time to process...

(1) The reason you want to lose weight quickly - 3 pounds or more a week - rather than slowly - 1-1.5 pounds per week - like the “experts” pound into your head - is because you intuitively know it’s better than slow weight loss!

(2) You have a 30% better chance of achieving your weight loss goals if you use a rapid fat loss approach than if you use a traditional dieting approach - especially if that weight loss is greater than 10% of your current body weight

(3) According to the research, rapid fat loss programs offer you even more benefits: Easier to stick to your diet… Faster results increase your motivationEasier to exercise… Experience less hungerSave money on groceries…

Isn't that GREAT news?

So what do you do now?

Go out and get on the latest, greatest, rapid fat loss diet?

Not so fast…
The Bad News...
In follow up studies, Purcell and her team concluded that the majority of rapid dieters still put the weight back on once they stopped dieting [4].

(The silver lining here is that the experts say that the faster you lose weight the faster you put it back on. Purcell and her team concluded that’s not true.)

So the key here is to not put that fat back on.
Obviously, I know.
 But just how do you do that? 

How do you lose fat quickly AND maintain your new weight - your new body? 

 The odds are against you if you don’t have a proven plan for doing this - if you revert right back to your old ways of eating, drinking… living… like most people do (and you may have done in the past). 

 You need a proven strategy to do this. 
Fortunately, this very specific strategy is part of this new plan I’ve discovered. 

Let’s talk more about that next, shall we? 
A Brand NEW (and Easier) Way To 
Burn Off Unwanted Stomach Fat?
If you’re a man or woman over 40 and have been struggling to lose 10, 20, 30 or even 50 pounds or more, then I have some good news for you!
Hey there, I'm Mike Whitfield.

You’ve probably never heard of me because I’m not some famous guru. I live a quiet life with my wife and two young boys in the heart of the Land of Deep Fried Foods - Georgia, USA. 

However, you should pay attention to what I have to say because I have a PhD in Weight Loss & Weight Management from the “School of Hard Knocks.” 

Unlike most “experts” who dish out dieting advice, I’ve lost 115 pounds - and kept it off for the last 15 years and counting. So I know how you feel. I’ve walked a more than a mile in your shoes.

I have a confession to make: Even though I’ve maintained 115 pound weight loss for 15 years, it hasn’t always been easy.

Nor did I lose it all at once...
Look everybody! I've been eating for 3 hours straight! Yay!
It took me about 6 months to lose 75 pounds. 

Then I plateaued. (Sound familiar?)

Then I slowly chipped off the last 40 pounds over a period of another 12 months....
(Honestly, it was TOUGH. Tougher than it needed to be.)

But I’ve noticed something… Funky.

Over the past 3 number of years or so, as I’ve increased my activity levels - like playing basketball 2-3 hours a week with the younger guys down at the gym, I actually put on a couple of pounds.

(Right around the time I turned 40…)  

I know - 

Weird, right?

So I double checked my eating.

It seemed “normal” enough - nothing out of the ordinary. 

I wasn’t snacking any extra… Or raiding the pantry late at night… Or having extra desserts… None of the “usual suspects.”

So I did what we all do...
I Cut Back 
on My Eating
And guess what happened next?


Well that’s not exactly true. (More on that in a minute.)

I got tired

And cranky

I was snapping at my boys for no apparent reason. 

And I couldn’t focus

And my hands and feet got cold more frequently. (That right there should’ve been an indicator - it’s a tell-tale sign that your thyroid is down regulating your metabolismStill, somehow I missed it.) 

 But nothing happened to my weight. 

 It didn’t budge. 

 Well, guess what? 

Lo and behold...
It Turned Out That 
I Was UNDER-eating.
I wasn’t eating enough food.

So my body actually started holding on to the calories I was giving it and it was storing it as fat.

(You may have noticed this in the past too from traditional dieting.)
The technical term for this is called “Adaptive Thermogenesis” and it’s where your thyroid - the gland that controls your metabolism - essentially “turns down” your body’s “thermostat” so you burn less calories at rest.

This is unavoidable on all traditional diets - and even most non-traditional ones.

In fact, any time you drop your calories below your body’s baseline for an extended period of time - which you know you have to do in order to lose body fat - Your metabolism slows down.

It’s the main reason why all almost all of The Biggest Loser contestants have regained all the weight they lost on the show.

It’s the main reason you probably put the weight back on using traditional diets too.
And I knew I was in danger of sliding down that slippery slope myself - of starting to regain some of the weight I’d lost if I didn’t do something different fast. 

(In fact, in all honesty, up until this time, my weight had been fluctuating about 7 to 10 pounds. But those are warning signs that I’d been ignoring, but now I knew needed to pay attention to before it was too late.)

So, you know what I did next that actually surprised the snot out of me?
I Quit Dieting 
I just ate normally. 

Then you know what happened next?

The strangest thing…

Those extra 9 pounds or so magically disappeared!

That got me scratchin’ the ol’ noggin…

And so I started playing around…

And stumbled on a cycle where I could easily and pretty much effortlessly maintain my weight - and even knock off a few pounds - whenever I wanted.

Now, this isn’t anything I’ve ever told you about before, which is why I’m telling you about it now because I’m guessing you’d like this “super power” too - LOL. 
In fact, the last time I used this cycle, I got down to all-time low of 190 pounds

Which makes my grand total not 115 pounds BUT - 117 pounds lost! (in my 40s I might add!)

The really cool part about this?...

My wife Sabrina has been using this unique cycle successfully, too!
(It synchronizes beautifully with her homeschooling and part-time work schedule).

In fact, this new way of losing weight - especially stomach fat - is exactly the opposite of what all the "experts" have been preaching that you should do.

Before I tell you more about it, let me ask you a question -
Do You Hate Dieting?
Yeah, me too.

Who doesn't, right?

And that’s why I eat pancakes every Sunday. 

A big ol’ pile of them.

With LOTS of syrup.

I get really.... giddy:
And then I go into a carb coma for the next couple of hours LOL ;)

You may have heard others recommend cheat meals or even cheat days. 

That’s because they work...

For most people.

(Not a great idea for people prone to binging… Think you can see why…)
But I stumbled on something REALLY great - even better than a whole pile of pancakes on a Sunday afternoon. (As if that was possible…)

It’s called “I.D.” 

Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you how I stumbled upon it…
It's HER Fault!
My wife Sabrina is awesome. She's arguably one of the best things to happen to me. 

But I don't think she'd mind me telling you this - like pretty much all women I’ve ever met, she struggles with her body image.

Or at least she did

Last year I noticed something different about her, which is kinda hard to do after 12+ years of marriage. I mean c’mon… 
When you’ve been with someone that long you kind of get comfortable, right? 

She stopped complaining about her weight. 

 And she started slimming down. (Not that she had much to lose.) 

So, being a scientist of sorts, I started watching what she was doing. 

Very interesting… 

She’d be super-focused for a little less than two weeks a month, then “coast” for the rest of the month. 






Then I ran across this study -  
No, not that one. 

This MATADOR (Minimizing Adaptive Thermogenesis And Deactivating Obesity Rebound) study [5] published by Byrne, et. al. in the International Journal of Obesity discovered that NOT dieting all the time actually may actually be superior for weight loss AND maintenance than traditional continuous dieting and even the currently popular Intermittent Fasting (IF).

One group of participants went on a 16 week diet where they ate two-thirds of their normal calories.

The other group went on a 30 week diet, where they ate two-third of their normal calories for two weeks, then ate to maintain their weight for two weeks. They repeated this cycle for the 30 weeks. (Call it “Intermittent Dieting” - or ID.)

The results?
Total weight loss was 46% greater for the ID group (an average of 30lbs vs. 20lbs). 

And fat loss was 50% greater (27lbs vs. 17.6lbs).

The best part?

(As if that’s not good enough!)

Their Resting Energy Expenditure (metabolic rate - also known as “metabolism”) was not significantly altered. 

It decreased in the regular dieting group.
Remember, this is called “Adaptive Thermogenesis.” 

And it’s one of the primary reasons you’ve failed on traditional diets in the past.

So this led me to the only logical conclusion I could make… I had to -
Steal My 
Wife's Diet!
And that’s just what I did.

I sat down with Sabrina and asked her point blank to explain to me exactly what she was doing.

It was a bit unusual, but there was no denying the results. She looked great. She felt great. And she wasn’t worried about her weight like she used to be. She just followed her program and month after month she’d knock off a few more pounds - like an artist slowly chipping away at a block of marble to reveal the masterpiece within.

It took some tweaking but I did it because obviously her caloric needs and mine are vastly different. (I’m 6’2 and she’s 5’3 and I outweigh her by nearly 60 pounds.)

The last time I put myself through this protocol, I lost 9 pounds in only 10 days!
She stole my Darth Vader shirt,
so I thought I'd steal her diet.
And that wasn’t just water weight - my waist actually decreased by 1 INCH as well.

The best part?

I’ve kept it off.


It was simple really. After some trial and error on my part, I developed a cycle - this New Way of Eating I’ve been telling you about.

And now that I’ve actually done it - I can’t believe how easy it is.

I simply came up with a Rapid Fat Loss Protocol and combined it with Intermittent Dieting and Voila!...

I’m in total control of my weight!

Of course, I still use exercise as part of that equation.

That’s because the right exercises at the right times in the right doses accelerate your fat loss - kind of like pouring firestarter on your grill. Plus they're REALLY good for your health - to keep you living longer and doing more of the things you love!

So now I still play basketball - harder than ever - have plenty of energy, and have a smaller waist then I did 20 years ago.

Honestly, I feel great.

Would you like to feel the same way too? 

If so, I’ll tell you more about how you can do that...
Beta Testers Wanted:
Do You Qualify?
If You Are Tired Of Dieting Only To Hit Wall After Wall, Watching Your Weight Loss Stall Out And Die… Only To Put That Weight Right Back On When You Return To Your Normal Living Then This Might Be A Golden Opportunity For You.
And that's because I’ve stumbled on - 
A Brand New Way of Not-Dieting!
If you’d like to “Not Diet” too, and want what I call “World Champion” confidence, the kind that comes from being able to do something and get repeatable, better-than-everyone-else results, then you’ll want to read this next part very carefully…

But first, here’s a quick question -

Do you know the origin of the word “diet?”

It’s Greek and it means “lifestyle.”

A way of living...
NOT a way of denying yourself...
Not a way of constantly denying yourself… of just getting by… of watching everyone else having fun and feeling left out yourself…

That pretty much sums up every diet you’ve ever tried and failed on in the past right?

Well, you’re not alone because this is what happens on pretty much every traditional diet since modern dieting was invented back in the 19th century.
Would you like to say goodbye to all that?
Look, you're smart enough to know that if you’re currently overweight that you have to do something differently to achieve your ideal body, right?

You get it.

But when you feel like you’ve tried pretty much everything out there with little to no success, what do you change so that you can...
1. Lose that seemingly stubborn fat quickly so you can see and feel the results and stay motivated, and...

2. Not destroy your metabolism in the process and regain that weight back like you have in the past?
Do You Qualify For This
"Not-Dieting" Lifestyle?
Look, Sabrina and I are quite happy living our healthy, slim, “in-control” life down here in the heart of the Obesity Capital of the World (The Southern United States).

Everything’s running smoothly for us.

Georgia is one of the 
most OBESE states!
As someone who’s finally conquered “The Weight Thing,” my conscience dictates that I give back. 

So let me be blunt -

I think this could turn the Weight Loss Industry Right Side Up.

But, I need more proof than just the two of us.

Sure, I could release this program based upon just our results - like many of the gurus out there release programs just based on their ideas - but I just couldn’t sleep at night if I did that.

I want the proof for this to be overwhelming.

And that's why I decided to open this up as a Beta Test.

So, read the following list to see if you qualify to be part of this Beta Test:
Who This IS For
  •  You feel like you’ve given just about every diet out there an “honest shake”…
  •  You have been struggling to lose 10 pounds or more…
  •  You can follow directions…
  •  You don’t need a 247 page manual laced with “filler” to tell you what can bethoroughly distilled into less than 50…
  •  You are someone who likes to eat real food (not live off supplements, “teas,” and pills)…
  •  You have a social or family life and don’t need to, every waking minute, be consumed by your diet…
  •  You don’t need to exercise 6 days a week, 90 minutes at a time to “feel” like you got a good workout…
  •  You want to alleviate the stress and anxiety caused by the “can’t haves” found in traditional diets…
  •  You want to be in control of your food choices instead of feeling like food controls you…
  •  You’re ready to shift from scarcity “diet thinking” to an abundant “lifestyle”…
Who This IS NOT For
  •  You have less than 10 pounds to lose…
  •  Losing weight comes easy to you - you’re just lazy when it comes to eating…
  •  You believe the only way you can lose weight is by popping pills or taking weird, hardcore supplements…
  •  You believe guys like Dr. Oz are right about nutrition and weight loss and truly have your best interest at heart…
  •  You’re the type of person who reads directions and then goes, “Yeah but…”
  •  You define yourself by the attention you get by talking about your diet…
  •  Unless you’re killing yourself with your workouts, you’re not happy…
  •  You need to know everything there is to know about every single step in a process before you can take action…
If you’re still with me - great! Let’s take a closer look at what you’re signing up for…

I’m tentatively calling it -
The Metabolic Reboot
The Metabolic Reboot is a very simple 2-stage, flexible, lifestyle eating plan.

In it, you eat real, whole foods that can be bought in any grocery store (and that don’t have to be organic).

No weird stuff allowed.

(Remember, I’m the guy who religiously eats pancakes every Sunday.)

Here’s how it works:
Stage 1: 
This is the rapid fat loss stage, where we trick your body into losing anywhere between half a pound and a pound a day.

(If you have more to lose, you can lose more at a faster rate.)

Again, no goofy stuff here like drinking pickle juice or whatever - just eating real food following my 7 “Rules.” (#5 and #7 are probably the most important.)

This Includes:
  •  NO Calorie Counting Allowed…
  •  NO Having to Buy “Hidden” Supplements for “Faster” Results…
  •  NO Having to Count Or Worry About Fat Intake…
PLUS, You'll Get...
  •  Sample Grocery List To Remove The Guesswork Around the Foods You CAN Eat…
  •  Sample Portion Sizes For Both Men & Women So You Know EXACTLY How Much To Eat…
  •  Sample Menus For Both Men & Women So You Know WHAT To Eat (Including Carbs - Yes, CARBS!)…
  •  A Time-Efficient Workout Plan For All-Comers - From Currently Sedentary To Already Active - That You Can Do At Home Or In The Gym…
Very simple. Very easy to use. (Otherwise, I couldn’t wouldn’t have done it myself.) Which brings us to - 
Stage 2: 
After 10 days on the “Focus” stage, you’re ready for a break. A “diet break.”

Enter Intermittent Dieting.

Here you’ll forget about “losing weight” and simply concentrate on maintaining your new, leaner body. 

Again - think “maintenance.”

Here, you will...
  •  Basically break the 7 “rules” you were abiding by in the Focus stage. (Ok, maybe not “break" entirely - more like “bend.)
  •  Eat more food of the foods you enjoy, including “rewards” - like pancakes…
  •  Exercise less (Yes, LESS)…
  •  Live a “normal” life and practice the liberating sensation of having a “Controlled Lifestyle” vs. a “Controlling Diet”…
Plus, I'll even go one better and show you what I use as my "Accelerator"...
This is the very simple template I prefer to eating 3 meals a day. 


  • Fasting is great for busy people: Don’t have to make time to make and eat breakfast nor recover from the “crash” that usually comes after it. The reward is you’ll burn more fat. 
  •  Fasting manages insulin levels: Blood levels of insulin drop significantly, which facilitates fat burning AND reverses pre-diabetic symptoms (and in some cases, Type-2 diabetes)…
  •  Fasting helps you increase productivity: Without food, your body releases adrenaline which mobilizes your fat stores. This gives you a heightened sense of focus so you can get more work done.
  • Fasting triggers HGH release: The blood levels of human growth hormone may increase as much as 5-fold. Higher levels of this hormone facilitate fat burning which means you burn more fat at rest when fasting, then if you eat the standard 3 meals a day…
  •  Fasting initiates cellular repair: The body induces important cellular repair processes, such as removing waste material from cells, which slows down aging, making you look visibly younger (as well as thinner)…
  •  Fasting provokes gene expression: There are beneficial changes in several genes and molecules related to longevity and protection against disease…
I think it’d be unfair if you didn’t have this, so I’m including it if you want to use it.

Just to Make Sure You "Get It"...
Look, I’m telling you, The Metabolic Reboot is so unbelievably simple, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll say “This is it?” and your subconscious will look for ways to screw it up.


Because that’s what I did the first time through it.

My first time through, I only lost 4 pounds.

My second?

NINE pounds in only 10 days.

(And remember, because I’ve lost so much weight, and used most of these strategies before in isolation, I’m practically “weight loss resistant.”)

That’s why I’m going to “walk” you through it with 17 days of coaching emails to make sure you’re 100% successful in transitioning into your new lifestyle.

Ok, by now you may be wondering…
"How Much Does This Beta Test Cost?"
Look, I’d love to just give this Beta Test to you if you’d say you’ll use it.


We both know that both of us have downloaded “freebies” from the internet to either never open them or quickly glance over them and never use them.

And since I’m looking for people who are truly committed to getting of the “diet rollercoaster” and adopting a “lifestyle,” and you’ve made it this far…

I’m going to ask you to show BOTH of us you’re serious by asking you to put “skin in the game.”
I’m 100% confident that because this has worked so well for both Sabrina and I, this will work great for you too.

We’re nothing special. (I have horrible genetics - my whole family at one time or another was overweight.)

When I do put this on the open market, I’m going to ask at least $37. I’m that certain it’ll be a game changer.
I already have hundreds of men and women who hopped on this. And here are a couple of early pieces of feedback:
So, to show both of us that you’re serious, and that I can count on you reporting back in with your honest feedback and your results, I’m going to let you have access to this for only $19.

If you want to test  out this brand new way of "Not-Dieting", go ahead and click the button below.
My Brutally Honest "No Guarantee" Guarantee
Look, this is a Beta Test. That means it’s worked for me and my wife and some other folks, but I’m still testing it out and getting feedback. And it’s only $19 so you’ll have “skin in the game” and hopefully do it and report back your results. If you don't get your results, I'll still give you your money back just for being a beta tester.
When I opened this for a short period of time to a select group of my readers, they jumped on it with ZERO Guarantee. However, in order to sell this on Clickbank, they insist I offer a 60-day guarantee. So, you can have a 60-day guarantee.

HOWEVER, let me speak frankly here: If you’re the type of person who reads these letters out of curiosity to see the price and to see if you can “game the system” by getting the product, doing nothing, then getting a refund, just keep your money. This is NOT for you. I don’t want you in this Beta Test. 

I’m ONLY interested in helping people who truly want to finally want to be in total control of their weight and are willing to help me out by participating in this Beta Test, NOT dishonest scammers.

So, if you feel like you need a guarantee - THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.
You know the value of giving up a life of fear and gaining a life of control like Sabrina and I have. 

If you’ve struggled with your weight and failed time and again on diet after diet, you know it’s practically priceless.

So go ahead and click on the “Gain Access” button and get in on this while it’s still open.

See You Inside!
Mikey "Pancakes" Whitfield
P.S. When you access The Metabolic Reboot, you’re getting access to the sum total of my experiences, my mistakes, my course corrections, and ultimately, my success. I never would’ve seen the Reboot if I hadn’t been where I was. 

And that means you wouldn’t be seeing this page or have this opportunity.

If you want in,  hit that big green button.

If not, thanks for reading.

I wish you all the best.

1 The Independent.

2 Katrina Purcell, Priya Sumithran, Luke A Prendergast, Celestine J Bouniu, Elizabeth Delbridge, Joseph Proietto. The effect of rate of weight loss on long-term weight management: a randomised controlled trial. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 2014; DOI: 10.1016/S2213-8587(14)70200-1



5 N M Byrne, A Sainsbury, N A King, A P Hills, R E Wood. Intermittent energy restriction improves weight loss efficiency in obese men—The MATADOR study. International Journal of Obesity, 2017; DOI: 10.1038/ijo.2017.206
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