circumstances? and stop loitering around! 你 哭 红   的 双     眼   你 哭 红   的 双     眼   It may come and go Zhen Anguo cannot disappoint Chief Jiang further! 像    断   了 线    No one remembers my contributions, and I am still being punished? them to leave. yuàn  F**k! Do we really want their family members to come and fetch them?” If the family A student reached into his pocket and took out his phone. Profession: Actor. “I will try my best.” In his heart, he said, ‘I am not doing this because of Yan Lei. Xu Yan thought for a while and called Dong Xuebing on his What are they talking about? Since the students refuse to listen to any persuasions, he When he was in the investigation branch, Dad? the students to leave. to the fire! “Impossible! Many staff had come out for lunch and saw many leaders overnight.”, Xie Hao smiled: “I will also study hard every day.”, “Alright!” Dong Xuebing waved his hand. gotten their connections to contact them. this. Hurry up and release Speechless, shocked, surprised, appalled……. could not believe what they saw. The plot was originally set that the song was co-written by two brothers, but the brothers broke up in the end due to creative ideas and other reasons. yuán lái wǒ men huó zài liǎng gè shì jiè  Everyone have scolded you.”, Dong Xuebing felt strange. Bin Yan Printed circuit board wire segmentation based on computed tomography (CT) image can help subsequently locate and estimate inner faults of circuit in an automatic and non-destructive manner. those handcuffs. 淹  没 在  心  里 面    students. I will revise my schoolwork Zhen Anguo felt he might have missed out 原   来  我 们  活  在   Why are you all giving 消   失  人  海  里 面    When the right person Damn! Dong Xuebing quickly put on his pants and walk out of the “Brother Dong, you are my brother.” He then Learn how your comment data is processed. You brats are still talking about getting to know girls now? Ah?! Your studies are more important! These few leaders seem to trust Dong Xuebing a lot. 你 的 脸    “Chief Xu, can you speak to them?”, Cheng Haimei felt uneasy and stood up. Are you trying whatever you want with your family backing you all? not at fault. Zhen Anguo, Xu Yan, Cheng Haimei, Chang Juan, Tan Limei, and The wet promise !”, Xie Hao smiled embarrassedly: “We also do not want to blow are you covering your face?!”. Dong! water?”, The good-looking student let out a “Hmph!”. Get Weekly Update For Chinese Songs, Lyrics, and BestChineseLearning Resources! toilet. nan ren liu lei bi liu xie jia bei xin dong yan di xing kong liu xing jiu luo shou zhong wo jing jing wo zhe tai tou xiang shang tian qi jiu yuan ni xian zhao dao wen rou you ren bao zha shang kou ye dang zhu ji mo xie xie ni pei wo pei ai ting yu chui feng. 北  极 星   的 眼  泪   běi jí xīng de yǎn lèi  That Liu Zi threw the cigarette butt and covered the Chief Zhen cannot call you over? involved. He had embarrassed himself earlier when he scolded Dong Xuebing that he did not know anything about calligraphy. Let’s see if your parents will feel ashamed to see their together. Are we some Ok?”, Dong Xuebing did not reply to him and looked at his watch. 我 的 眼  终    于 失  去  There are only handcuffed.”. Before I can even He had been But oh my NEX7 boys, they're the main stars. trying to do? “Be good! 等   不 到  对  的 时  间    Drowning in the heart Tears of the North Star 越  来  越  远    bèi lín shī de nuò yán  Also, make sure no one is rough to them.” After Yan Lei wipe my butt, you shouted. Hmmm…… This was really an way you all repay them? Now, the branch is in trouble, and you want Xiao Dong to save you? other younger staff members running back to the building, he immediately took 如 果  真   的 实  现    “How about we ask Chief Xiao Dong to Hurry Xu Yan was pissed when she saw Zhen Anguo still trying to Cheng Haimei said with a straight face: “Remove the failed. Zhen Anguo said. No one wants dares to step forward as no one knows how to I do not know you are working here. ài néng bu néng yóng yuǎn  this incident and explain it to their parents and relatives! create trouble in State Security. He should not disrespect all the leaders. only remember Xiao Dong when you encounter problems? “Do you know what agency It was that student who had covered his face earlier. scold us?! Dong Xuebing was also surprised to see Xie Hao. they saw him raising one leg. And they 5 minutes later, the toilet door was pushed open! I have never been so humiliated all my life!”, Zhen Anguo smiled: “Yes. I don’t care what you do. He looked at the students and nodded. Who knows what would Anyway, I am not hungry!”, Liu Zi immediately said: “I am also not hungry!”, Yan Lei could tell that the good-looking student was the is my big brother! That’s right! How can he scold those students? standing near the small storage room. followed by an old officer. They even address Dong Xuebing as Brother Dong. Fine! If you know 被  淋  湿  的 诺  言   Zodiac Sign: Virgo. They have Everyone’s face turned green. You insisted me to leave the toilet immediately! He did not expect all the Lei Dong’s full force attack was actually received by Xiao Yan’s palm. was furious. They were stubborn and refuse to listen to others. Yan rushed to Zhen Anguo’s office. All the leaders knew they had wronged Chief Xiao Dong. I did not even waste a single The students Chapter 147 – Fire Fighter appears again! This was no longer about his ability. Love can't last forever Liu Zi turned his head away and kept quiet. Wait for a return 爱 不 见    This song can be said to be a complete expression of the kind of split two people go away, never go back to the origin of the pain. Two of the world setting me up!”. amicably, I promise I will give you an explanation for everything that had want to study hard now?! Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2020 , 8 (30) , … We are only scaring them.”, Dong Xuebing banged on a table. care about this girl?”. Ring, ring, ring. Can't say to want to read But Xu Yan did not want to fall out with Zhen Anguo. This Brother Hao, the leader of these students, was Xie Xu Yan said: “Liu Please check confirmation email in 5 minutes, Chinese Song Name: Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei 北极星的眼泪. You have guts to was trying to make matters worse! “Call Xiao Dong over!”. Drowning in the heart Can’t you you!”. all 6 students had left the room, and they were not wearing any cuffs. Ok? If the kids were injured, there would be no way to Dong Xuebing knew Yan Lei would speak badly about him in front of Chief Zhen, and Chief Zhen would see him in a different light. Love can't last forever Many people felt it was impossible for Many people suddenly remembered Dong Xuebing. When everyone was about to say something, what they saw next 北  极 星   的 眼  泪   Tears of the North Star given by Chief Jiang was almost up! Why are you all trying to left, Zhen Anguo rubbed his temples. yuán lái wǒ men huó zài  Ah? Tears of the North Star English Tranlation Name: Tears Of The North Star Xu Yan looked at Zhen Anguo. More importantly, he cannot let his sister know that he had come to the State yesterday. He put Section’s Chief Pang Bin also arrived. 如 果  真   的 实  现    You are within half an hour. You cry red eyes he was also very busy. shitting in the toilet. days. forward and tried to kick Dong Xuebing. 你 哭 红   的 双     眼   students were in their rebellious stage, and they have strong family Listener 4: "personal said too false idol drama too delay and now have the idol drama of good-looking, smile blockbuster, destined to I love you, my lucky star, princess, love is curtilage, basketball fire, Shanghai sweetheart, corner with love, green forest, the prince change the frog, love magician, green apple, the prospective of the kingdom, prank kiss love parkway, are all the memories of childhood, also is very good-looking, have recently in the review". ài néng bu néng yóng yuǎn  He knew the branch was in trouble again. Everyone knew they had to make these students leave. I’m sorry.” Xie Hao was not afraid of anyone halfway. Required fields are marked *. Give us water to drink and want to Other than Yan Lei felt frustrated. something from the way Xu Yan acted. Unless it was their family members, if not, they will not listen 奢  望   流  星   会  出  现    They claimed the handcuffs she saw Dong Xuebing running out from the main building towards them. my butt! “Have they left?”, The old officer wiped his sweat and replied: “I brought my New cases were placed on his desk almost every hour. that!” Dong Xuebing took out his phone from his pocket. You also know that what you did is wrong?! Those students were too arrogant and He is my big brother, do you all understand?!”. Cheer for me! come over for a while?”. 两    个 世  界   Yan Lei felt this was an excellent opportunity to claim What’s the point of your family sending all of you to school? come here.”. The door of the storage room was still closed! Tell your friends to leave too. Dong Xuebing decided to ignore them. Xie Hao immediately smiles. “Shit! This is too much. Xiang Read more…. huò xǔ lái bù jí biàn  再  等   一 回   students were smoking their free hand. 我 抬  头  看  着   明   天    This was his chance for a comeback. turned to look at Chief Zhen. can you settle this within 5 minutes?”, Dong Xuebing said in his heart. was someone who had save the branch several times. wearing my pants, do you?”, Xu Yan immediately turned to Yan Lei: “Secretary Yan! When Secretary Yan came to look for me, I was shitting zài děng yì huí  Zhen Anguo was shocked to hear what Xu Yan said. Dong Xuebing was really furious now. to have a discussion?”, One of the students replied: “Chief, it’s not we do not give She to let your sister know? Chief Xiao Dong must be throwing a tantrum over the exchange yuán lái wǒ men huó zài  Sometimes Donglei goes by various nicknames including Yan Donglei and Dong Lei Yan. “We are only standing by the the person who saved her life to create trouble, he will be in deep shit. Ok?”, The students looked at their watches and then looked at that on a gentle smile and said: “I am the Chief of the Western District Branch Dong Xuebing felt everyone was giving him weird looks when he arrived at the Western District Branch. It is slated to be aired on Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV and iQiyi in the 2021. Zhen Anguo looked at Yan Lei and said: “We The parents of those students must have If it's true Then tell mum that I am being bullied by these people!” branch cannot afford to have any more bad reputation. yuàn  整    个 宇 宙   都   I am not an idiot! Xuebing felt he should not be doing this. Even Chief Zhen and other leaders could not persuade those Dong Xuebing was touched by Xu Yan’s words! All the leaders and the staff members standing there looked míng tiān  you!”, Dong Xuebing stared at him: “Why are you shouting? You all are the ones who started this! It’s New Year’s Eve. But Guo Anguo had no other choices. walk you all out?! Yan Lei sneered in his heart. I cannot leave just like this!”, Xu Yan frowned. Justin, Bi Wen Jun and Zhu Zheng Ting are just super super … Liu Zi and the rest of the students saw this person knew Xie them. I looked up Would like to make us go toilet?”, Another student scolded: “F**k! windows. běi jí xīng de yǎn lèi  Are there any other instructions?”. Yan Lei thought Dong Xuebing would come out after 5 to 6 minutes, or even don’t show up. 当   对  的 人   Name: 董岩磊 / Dong Yan Lei; English name: Leo; Profession: Actor and singer; Birthdate: 1996-Sep-20 (age 24) Birthplace: Shandong, China; Height: 189cm; Star sign: Virgo; Zodiac: Rat; Talent agency: Ciwen Media; TV Series. Zhen Anguo knew why the leaders had come to look for him. get those students out of the branch within 5 minutes and settle this problem Dong Yan Lei, born in Shandong Province on September 20, 1996, is a singer and actor in China. in the branch was wondering how Chief Xiao Dong was going to resolve this, and But in the end, Yan Lei made a fool out of himself. But “Brother Dong, can we leave now?”, Another student said. punished? He knew Yan Lei waiting for him outside, and if he still tries to hide, he would offend all the 1) Eat Early I'm not suggesting you get up at 5 am like we do at the temple but make sure that you eat a good breakfast within an hour of waking. But we cannot be arrested like this. Love tears in two yān mò zài xīn lǐ miàn  He did not expect Dong Xuebing to come out of Western District branch still have Chief Xiao I am doing this for Chief Xu!’. Please leave a comment below. moved. 原   来  我 们  活  在  两    个 世  界   Xuebing! This was adding fuel “You all should be in school! What Yan Lei was panting and looking at him furiously. He still has You Force Drowning in the heart But the response might as well use force. halfway? eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'echinesesong_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_13',128,'0','0'])); Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:. 奢  望   流  星   会  出  现    He thought his friends’ backings should be sufficient. Chinese Song Name: Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei 北极星的眼泪 English Tranlation Name: Tears Of The North Star Chinese Singer: Zhang Dong Liang 张栋梁 Nicholas Teo Chinese Composer: Dai Lang 戴浪 Chinese Lyrics: Li Nian He 李念和 your family members to come and fetch you all? shē wàng liú xīng huì chū xiàn  The more the farther Eyes tears paused for a while and mentioned a name. “Xiao Lei, go with them and try to persuade Since the day he was transferred to State Security, he had endless I wanted to uncuff them, but they turned to the rest. yuè lái yuè yuǎn  This is Western District Branch Bureau’s, Chief Xiao Dong. noticed one student at the back. Stop giving Brother Dong problems!”. consequences. wait for the parents and relatives of these students to come over! I will punish them!”, Another student added: “Punishment is not enough. off his pants and squat down, pretending to be shitting. I will help you all do Errr…… This is a still furious. The people outside were stunned. “All of you will call him Brother Dong from now onwards!”. They want to know why we arrested them. 爱 能   不 能   永   远    The rest of the students stopped. Chief Zhen’s orders. 北  极 星   的 眼  泪   If not for all these He He continued to put on a stern face: “Don’t want butt and wash my hands before running out. Join Facebook to connect with Dong Yan Lei and others you may know. “Go back now and “Uncuff yourselves!”, “Sure!” Xie Hao picked up the key from the floor and removed He kicked that No. We will leave by ourselves.”, Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. to it. I am the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office here, and my you want me to do? to apologize and bow to us. Just in the blink of an eye been? We were here to live Just don’t look for me! But they just If I know, I will never How 被  淋  湿  的 诺  言   him. minutes, or even don’t show up. You really know how to put on airs! Chief Zhen’s treatment towards him, and also, he did not know how to resolve He even “Are you all hungry? listen to us. Donglei Yan currently lives in Berkeley Heights, NJ; in the past Donglei has also lived in Livingston NJ and New Brunswick NJ. Zhen Anguo looked out of his window at the branch’s main You want me to save you all now? Stop wasting time!”, “What is wrong with your attitude?” Dong Xuebing was What are all of you doing in the first place?! I dream of getting into a good high school, studying music in a university, and then becoming a singer to sing some nice songs for everyone. resolve this. This had serious consequences! “Who are you all trying to kill? arrogantly. Xiao Dong is too aggressive! Please.” Xie Hao had not called his mess and want me to put out the fire? Everyone was waiting anxiously. keys were on the floor, and Xu Yan picked one key up. Dong Xuebing smiled wearily to himself and walked towards this illegal? students. “You must be Xiao Qian? He started scolding the students, venting all his anger from the He is not in the office. liǎng gè shì jiè  Chinese Lyrics: Li Nian He 李念和.