It’s possible to camp on the east side of the lake if you do not wish to continue on, but camping spots are more limited. The take-out is here on the Cle Elum. We decided to stay at Waptus instead of continuing to Spade Lake, given the forecast of rain for the next day.  Soon, we neared the trailhead and headed back to Seattle. Right when we got it up, the dark and ominous thunder storm we assumed would last all night, stoped and rolled off.  The Copper River Trail also departs from the trailhead, and it looked very inviting. Pass the Salmon La Sac Campground and drive the road to its end at the trailhead for Waptus River Trail #1310. Nestled within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Waptus Lake offers incredible views of Summit Chief and Bears Breast Mountains as well as access to the PCT. After crossing the river, the trail continues straight on to Waptus Lake. Waptus Lake campsites were assessed for spatial patterns, biophysical conditions, and use trends in order to provide long-term management recommendations.  We enjoyed a sunset then went to sleep.  The campsites all appeared to be claimed by 2:00, so we continued along the right side of the lake, trying to find a spot.  Eventually, just past the turn-off to Spade Lake, we found a site right next to the trail that had good lake access. Go Hiking Trip Reports Pete Lake, Waptus Pass, Escondido Lake.  My five a.m. wake-up to capture the sunrise was a useless endeavor.  Given that it was fairly early on a Saturday morning, we were a little surprised but still found a space on the shoulder to park in. Or take a right and follow the Spinola Creek trail up to the PCT and Deep Lake. Once you reach the the junction for Spade Lake, it's 4 miles of brutal uphill. The burnt trees in the rain were rather eery, but beautiful, and it was heartening to see the new trees coming up below. As you approach Waptus Lake you will find the bridge is out (and has been out for several years now), so forging the river is a must if Spade and Venus are your final destination. The flow was fairly light, and the water warm.  It continued to rain harder and we slowly made our way closer to the lake.  We stopped for lunch at some dramatic rapids and enjoyed a sunny break in the weather. The views from up top and the lake are worth it, and the camping at spade lake is delightful. After relaxing lakeside, we made some ravioli. It was a slog. So I needed something short, close, minimal elevation gain and bug free. …  We dropped our packs, strapped on river shoes and made our way to the pool below the waterfall. Overall, great experience. The campground is perfectly located for a variety of recreational opportunities in the area. Adams/Indian Heaven Wilderness/Goat Rocks, Mt. The trail continued up and down, shortly reaching an area that was affected by the Pollalie Ridge Fire in 2006. Hike the Waptus River Trail (No. Adjacent to Walupt Lake. It’s about more than standing on the mountain top. Caught three edible sized fish, one about 14 inches. Walupt Lake As we descended we eventually emerged from the fog layer and found ourselves at Walupt Lake. Campground entrance is to the left. My girlfriend Taylor, our dog Jamie, and I all took a three night trip up to Walupt Lake. We arrived at the trailhead at 9:30 on Saturday, and the parking area was nearly full. Then comes the lake, which has a number of lovely campsites and is a peaceful place to chow down on lunch.  At about the time we reached the horse ford the rain stopped and we switched to river shoes for the crossing. It’s about nourishment and learning. Waptus Lake. 16.5 miles to the … After the ford, it was a quick, flat walk to the lake.  As we arrived at the lake, the clouds parted and we were left with dramatic, rugged peaks in the distance. I thought it was a bull trout so I let it go after getting a couple … We finally reached Waptus Lake and hid under a tree, exhausted and just wanting to set up camp. Continue up the east side of the lake to find even more campsites and the trail to Spade and Venus lakes. All rights reserved. © 2020 Outdoor Project. Then we got a report that there were only four more logs before the lake, and that a volunteer cut them. Waptus Lake sunset. From I-90 it is 20 miles to the Salmon La Sac campground (most of the way on hwy.  I chose to wade in the water rather than venture through the muck to get to the area deep enough to swim. With a slight break in the weather, I decided I would head off to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and do a bit of backpacking. Trails that take you up Nannie Peak or skirt along the lake to the PCT are a short walk from the boat launch at the edge of the campground, right alongside campsite #37. My friends and I hiked almost 10 miles to Waptus lake on the 14th of July. Trip Report. The lake is popular with equestrians and there are horse camps at the outlet end of the lake with hiker camps found further up the lake. We promise not to annoy you, but if you wish, you may unsubscribe at any time. It was delicious. This trail is very mellow and easy (as … I brought my pole and some gear just in case the lake had fish in it, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Dec 5, 2013 - Plan your dream backpacking trips using GPS, topo maps, street maps, and aerial photography. This is a popular trail, so leave early to find a campsite on busy days. It’s about building relationships with the outdoors and each other. At the fork with Forest Road 46, stay right and continue on Salmon la Sac Road for ~2 miles to the trailhead and campground. There are views to dramatic granite peaks along the Pacific Crest, and all around and across the lake to the fringe of alpine fir trees that surround it. Outdoor Project may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers. The flow was fairly light, and the water warm. Waptus Lake, for example, is a two-mile long alpine beauty that cannot be accessed by road, only by trail. It took us about 2.5 - 3 hours to get up to the lake from there. To arrive at the Waptus Lake trailhead, Drive I-90 to Roslyn/Salmon la Sac exit 80. Trip Report By. The trail to the three lakes starts from the Salmon La Sac trailhead, about 16 miles north of the quaint town of Roslyn, and passes along the eastern shore of the expansive Cle Elum Lake.After leaving the trailhead, the only people we encountered were a dozen or so people hiking out so we were hopeful … That being said, it is a fair amount to hike with overnight gear for an evening and a morning of fishing and then hike out. We decided to stay at Waptus instead of continuing to Spade Lake, given the forecast … Gone were my dreams of lofty alpine lakes, or finally exploring the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Finally after our first eight and a half miles, we came to Waptus River, just before it expands into Waptus Lake.  Instead we turned to the right and began to climb the classic Salmon La Sac forest.  In fact, it was warm enough that we were able to stay in the middle of the river and enjoy the view and water on our tired feet. Luckily, the water was warm and the flow low enough that there was minimal danger.  With the misty skies, the green lichen seemed to glow. @2018 - Every Two Pines. Walupt Lake Campground is one of the nicer camping options for anyone visiting this section of the Goat Rocks Wilderness. The two mile long Waptus Lake is the largest lake in the region and is surrounded by a beautiful backcountry. Waptus Lake via Waptus River Trail - Washington | AllTrails Gouldie Hiked Aug 26, 2014.  About the time we reached the ford the rain stopped and we switched to river shoes for the crossing. The campground was nice and we'll be back to explore more of the area. As the sun was out, and the water was warm in the lake, we prepared to go swimming. Getting here: From I-90 take the Roslyn/Salmon La Sac exit #80 and follow the road past Lake Cle Elum to the Salmon la Sac Campground sign ~ 19m (turn left crossing bridge over river.) Jan 24, 2013 - Search over 100,000 trails with trail info, maps, detailed reviews, and photos curated by millions of hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. From the campground, a small sand beach and boat launch area is easily accessible for those wishing to head out on Walupt Lake with a boat or canoe. We were already leaning toward not using the ford and taking the alternate way around the other side of the lake where there were also campsites…  There was a nice pool (without logs or muck!)  Michael enjoyed swimming deeper and if you are a reasonable human being that does not despise mud bottoms and logs, you will probably enjoy it as well. We had heard that the approach to lake was “ho-hum”, but we had it on good authority (a.k.a. Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, California. 2. The best way to do this hike would be to have a car shuttle set up at Walupt Lake. on the trail Waptus Lake. Heavily shaded sites. Two miles later, the trail reaches the junction with Waptus Pass Trail 1329; From here, there once was the hiker trail to the right that headed down to the Waptus River and a bridge crossing, then followed Spinola Creek north for 0.5 mile and crosseed it on a bridge before heading west 0.5 mile to Waptus Lake. Adams/Indian Heaven Wilderness/Goat Rocks, Washington. There are a variety of camping sites that will cater to small and large parties, from the walk-in camper looking for a place to camp on the shores of the lake to the RV camper needing a larger spot to park and setup camp for the night. Washington, Mt. Terms of Service, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy. If you're eager for a long hike, these trails can be made into a loop. Pete Lake…  The rain began as we put on our gear, but it was light and warm, making everything feel a little humid. From the exit, drive north 2.8 miles on Bullfrog Road to the State Route 903 junction. Learn more about how to apply the principles of Leave No Trace on your next outdoor adventure. There are several sizable camping areas along the shore, the first of which offers stunning views of Bears Breast Mountain and Summit Chief over Waptus Lake. Walupt Lake Campground is one of the nicer camping options for anyone visiting this section of the Goat Rocks Wilderness.  Instead, we tried to find a route that wouldn’t be miserable in the rain, reasonably safe in a thunderstorm, and the possibility to pop up to a high alpine lake if conditions were great (they were not great). Read adventure travel stories from Backpacker. Turn left and follow SR 903 past Roslyn, Ronald, and Cle Elum Lake. Directions: Spade Lake Trail begins from the northern shore of Waptus Lake. From the far end of the lake a trail gains access to Lake Ivanhoe. Last weekend I went on a two-nighter to Waptus Lake.  Using a small footpath to the river, it looked like the waterfalls were accessible by rock hopping and wading up the river. In the morning, the skies were dark and stormy. 903).  It was not my favorite August backpacking destination, but I can certainly see myself returning during the shoulder seasons. The few campsites along the lake are placed closer together than those found throughout the rest of the campground, but with plenty of other camping sites to offer, there is a good chance you may be without a neighbor for your stay. The Best Winter Adventures in North America. The river is fordable later in the season with either a horse or sturdy water shoes, but mind the current when water levels are high. There are vault toilets spaced intermittently throughout the campground, and potable water spigots are located very close to most sites.  It was a warm night and my down quilt was almost too warm for the conditions. Note: Walupt Lake Campground is open June 27 through September 14. All Right Reserved. A rainbow came out and disappeared several times as we ate breakfast and packed up camp. By now the trail is familiar for this year–logout started in May so we’ve done a couple day trips to get to the five mile point. Most campsites are well spaced from their neighbors, giving the campground a private feel. Individual campsite areas were considerably larger than management standards allow, averaging six times the 37.2 m2maximum, and most were out of compliance … After looking forward to this backpacking weekend for months, the early August forecast delivered chance thunderstorms, rain, and general misery. The skies got moodier as the morning grew. One of …  I hate water entries that have a lot of mud and sticks, and much prefer a rocky jump. This was one of the easiest fords I have ever done, though I doubt it would be as easy in June. Please respect the outdoors by practicing Leave No Trace. You'll find great views of rapids and even some waterfalls on your ascent and be rewarded with the most stunning, mirror-like lakes around at your fin… For the best lake views and camping, veer right toward the horse ford of Waptus River, avoiding the trail to a foot bridge that is now washed away. that we swam at for awhile, before returning to the main trail. The lake was gorgeous and the water was the perfect temperature to swim around in. Sign up for my newsletter and never miss a blog update through e-mail. To reach the put-in hike up Waptus Lake Trail from the trailhead at Salmon La Sac until you reach the … Here there are campsites galore, with beautiful views of the lake and mountains in the distance. Our lunch on Sunday had been a little sparse, so we stopped at Commonwealth on Snoqualmie pass for a beer and some burgers.  It was warm enough that we were able to stay in the middle of the river and enjoy the view and the cool water on our tired feet. After drying your feet off and having a brief riverside snack, continue another mile to Waptus Lake. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The rain lightened for a minute so we threw down our packs and started to sent up the tent. There is also a specially-designated horse camp a half mile from the entrance of the campground. Once across continue down the dusty trail to reconnect with the Waptus River Trail and reach the first set of campsites at the end of the lake. Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter packed with the best adventure guides, travel ideas, news, and articles. By nick February 10, 2014 Hiking, Nature Experience, Sunset, Washington 5 Comments. It continued to rain harder and we slowly made our way closer to the lake. We hike in 9 miles to the lake. Cross the Cle Elum bridge that leads into the campground and park upstream river right of the bridge. There's a lot more to Waptus Lake, and you can learn all about it in Alpine Lakes Wilderness: The Complete Hiking Guide. It's 9.3 miles one-way (18.5 round trip trip) with 800 feet of elevation gain. Past its junction with the Pacific Crest Trail, the trail gets fairly … Fishing from the bottom with power bait I caught an 18 inch trout within the first 30 minutes. With sparse trees, we caught our first glimpse of the valley. We scoped out campsites on our way back for returning for a 3-day trip to Spade and Venus lakes. Eventually, just past the turn-off to Spade Lake, we found a site right next to the trail that had good lake access. the regional rangers station) that the trail was in good condition and the wild flowers were blooming. I forgot the pasta sauce and wine, so it was a little dry, but remembered the hot cocoa, so not all was lost.  Much like the earlier ford, I imagine this route would be very different in early spring. Snoqualmie Region. In fact, 33,400 acres of Wenatchee National Forest are entirely uninterrupted by roads , containing part of the largest roadless area in Washington State.