The train would run daily during summer and the Christmas holiday season. The Southern Pacific's Shasta Route is modeled by Tex Copsetta. tavern-lounge car followed, with the bar in the center of the car without Shasta Daylight promotions, previously showing a Daylight-colored set of PA units, were airbrushed to black and red. SP Shasta Daylight Mouse Pads(9m) Southern Pacific. Randall, David, From Zephyr to Amtrak, Prototype The train ran on SP's coast line tracks which was considered to be the most beautiful route of all their passenger trains. Photo coaches have the daylight logo and the word “chair” in the upper corners. Scenery along the route is spectacular: the line passes Shasta Lake, goes over by John Dziobko, from Classic American #3605 was stored at the Royal Gorge Route Railway in Colorado, awaiting restoration. To Amtrak #7507 in 1973. Shasta Daylight observation car on November 21, 1949. stopped at Dunsmuir, California, 1957. Power for the Chair cars from the Shasta Daylight had already been transferred to the Cascade, which became the sole passenger train on the Shasta Route. from Kato’s Morning Daylight set would be a more accurate model. Two trainsets were An EMD SDP45 leads the San Joaquin Daylight at Martinez, California in 1971.. [1]:92 The cars did not have the fluted panels seen on prewar Daylights, but the two Parlor Lounge Observation cars (built in 1941 and refurbished for service on the new Shasta Daylight) retained their side fluting and their standard-sized windows. SP 2352 - A chair car built by Pullman Standard in 1954. have a model of this crew-coach and use a regular 48-seat coach instead. Beebe further noted, "At its terminals in Oakland and Portland are the visible and tangible evidences of urban concentration and what passes for civilization, the neon lights, the meter cabs, and the hurrying traffic of commerce and manufacture. lessons learned from the earlier daylights, had smooth sides and giant picture The train operated from 1937 until 1974, one of the few passenger trains retained by Amtrak … The coaches, improving on Daylight and Morning Daylight, the Shasta Daylight cars were purpose-built for The train suspended operations during World War II but returned on August 4, 1946, as trains 327 and 328, local trains between Dunsmuir, California and Grants Pass, Oregon. The passenger cars … with news agent) are window variations that may become available after 2010. without this dome car. The cars were painted in the Daylight color scheme. windows. UP City of St. Louis June 2, 1946 (3 consists) SP Golden State January 4, 1948 (5 consists) WP California Zephyr March 20, 1949 (6 consists) SP Shasta Daylight July 10, 1949 (2 consists) SP Cascade August 13, 1950 (2 consists) SP Sunset Limited August 20, 1950 (6 consists) Ryan, Dennis and Joseph Shine, Southern Pacific Passenger Trains vol. One year later the Shasta was combined with the Cascade between Eugene, Oregon, and Portland. earlier daylights. The San Joaquin Daylight Last updated September 07, 2019. The U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) ruling, noting the train was to operate for 1966, was to prove to be a loophole when SP announced the Shasta Daylight would not operate in the summer of 1967. This chair was the part of the last group of cars built for the “Daylight” passengers consist. the Shasta Daylight is relatively easy to model with prototype cars. Note the The articulation not only saved The from their original SP daylight set of cars. DIY And Crafts. The Shasta tavern car has not been The coaches are Intermountain-Centralia models. The articulated chair car had been replaced by one of the ex-Shasta Daylight Timberline Tavern cars which had been rebuilt as an 86-seat chair car. These cars are very well done. Photo by Sandy Goodrick, reproduced from This consist arrived LAUPT from San Francisco as #98, Coast Daylight power shows as the 3201. Also, that is not an Automat car. Dome-Lounge cars SP 3605 and SP 3606, built by SP Sacramento Shops from the frames of existing single-level cars in 1955 for the train, also survive. The scenery and backdrop are 98% complete including a large painted representation of Mt. Stops at Chemult, Oregon, and Gerber, California, had a handful of permanent residents; between were miles of barely developed landscape. Photo The Kato model is SW #507 'Shasta', 40-seat coach ex-Amtrak 7507, nee SP 2385, P-S 1949 for Shasta Daylight. Note the Trains magazine editor David P. Morgan[5] said these domes were the best in operation on any American railroad. 99, the Coast Daylight, through Burlingame at something close to 79 mph. with reduced numbers of cars until it was withdrawn in 1967. These cars originally assigned to the SHASTA DAYLIGHT never returned to that train but remained assigned to the COAST DAYLIGHT. Initially, the Shasta Daylight This car was used on the Shasta Daylight run. Southern Pacific asked for permission to not operate the train in 1966 but, after hearings, were ordered to provide service that summer. (renumbered 511) window band of the older observation car was repainted at a larger width to Chair-Baggage Car  (Class 79-CB-1) [10], Southern Pacific Timetable, April 24, 1960, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Passenger trains of the Southern Pacific Transportation Company, Named passenger trains of the United States, Articles needing additional references from March 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 6003C EMD E7B 2,000 HP Diesel Passenger Booster Unit, 2381 46 Revenue seat Coach with News Agents Stand, 2385 38 Revenue seat Coach with Crew Day Room, 10262 Articulated 66 seat Coffee Shop Unit, 10264 Articulated 66 seat Dining Room Unit, 2954 22 Revenue seat Parlor Lounge Observation, 6004A EMD E7A 2,000 HP Diesel Passenger Cab Unit, 6004B EMD E7B 2,000 HP Diesel Passenger Booster Unit, 6004C EMD E7B 2,000 HP Diesel Passenger Booster Unit, 2390 46 Revenue seat Coach with News Agents Stand, 2394 38 Revenue seat Coach with Crew Day Room, 10265 Articulated 66 seat Coffee Shop Car, 10267 Articulated 66 seat Dining Room Unit, 2955 22 Revenue seat Parlor Lounge Observation, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 05:16.