The placeholder property sets or returns the value of the placeholder attribute of a text area. Definition and Usage. This is on an HTML page and will be viewed in the iPhone. But you should almost always define the cols (columns) and rows values to control the textarea's rendered size. Third line">​. I see that this question has been asked here already, but no answer was provided so far. This is on an HTML page and will be viewed in the iPhone. . Since no browsers support this, we active the plugin for all browsers, not just legacy browsers. ::placeholder {color: blue; font-size: 1.5em;} Only the subset of CSS properties that apply to the ::first-line pseudo-element can be used in a rule using ::placeholder in its selector. You can try using CSS, it works for me. Then you could  If you look at the HTML5 spec document for textarea; you'll see that its placeholder attribute, is defined as: Any string that contains no line feed (U+000A, “LF”) or carriage return (U+000D, “CR”) characters. The ::placeholder CSS pseudo-element represents the placeholder text in an or Bad: This does not limit the number of words or characters you can enter, just the physical dimensions. How can I do this? Placeholders are the ghost texts present in many web sites’ input fields. A hint could be a sample value or a brief description of the expected format. Questions: I’m editing a textarea with JavaScript. HTML . Answers: Problem comes from the fact that line breaks (\n\r?) Angularjs nl2br(textarea newline and linebreak conversion) example with demo By Hardik Savani | November 8, 2016 | Category : Bootstrap jQuery Angular Sometimes we require to display message conversion in your angularJS App, But if you are using textarea for write comment or something then text display on same like without line break. In short, the opening and closing tags for the . to your desired placeholder text. function onLoad() { //Type appropriate  What are HTML Placeholders? We can easily test if a particular element supports a particular attribute by testing with JavaScript: This is a list of textarea attributes you need to be aware of: 1. form: Specifies one or more forms 2. maxlength: A number that specifies the ma… 4. It is a good practice to add a placeholder, just like in every input field. Upvotes (0). Specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of the text area. the placeholder text should not wrap, while the text in this box, once entered, should wrap, Alternatively When you want a new line, hit return twice (So there is a empty line between your 'new lines'.